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The Leading Compounding Pharmacy in Las Vegas.

Compounding pharmaceuticals is our passion.


What is compounding?

Compounding is the art of customizing medication to meet the individual need of the patient. Through our custom compounding in our Las Vegas pharmacy, we are able to provide our patients with a wide variety of alternatives on the way that their medications are prepared and delivered. Compounding provides solutions that are not met by the already compounded commercial products which are not specific to each individuals needs.


Benefits of a Compounding Pharmacy

Compounding pharmacists create personalized medication specific to that patient, allowing them to help patients with an array of needs.

Creating Hard-to-Find or Discontinued Medication

For patients with medications that have been discontinued or are just plain difficult to find, compounding pharmacists can still re-create that medication through compounding.

benefits of compounding

Compounding Allergy-Free Medication

If a patient is allergic to an ingredient that is found on a commercially-manufactured medication, a compounding pharmacist can create a custom medication that is formulated for that patient without the ingredient causing the allergic reaction.

Compounding Pharmacists Can Make Medication Easier to Take

Some patients have trouble taking a medication because of their taste or form. Compounding pharmacists can flavor or turn a medication into another form based on the patient's request. Especially with young children, elderly patients, or even pets, compound pharmacists can make the medication more convenient and easier to take.


A specific patient may want their medication in a different form. Patients that have a difficult time swallowing a pill can request a compounding pharmacist to transform the medication into a satisfyingly flavored liquid form. Furthermore, compounding pharmacists can also turn some medications into a topical form (such as a cream or gel) that can be applied on the skin. Our compounding pharmacists are here to help you take your medication as easiest and convenient as possible.

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