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Committed to Senior Care

The leading senior care pharmacy in Las Vegas.

Why Choose Advanced Care Rx Pharmacy?

Advanced Care Rx Pharmacy provides professional pharmacy services to retail and skilled nursing facilities, group homes, hospice, and assisted living communities in Nevada. Our services are focused on delivering the approriate and cost effective pharmaceutical care.

Our pharmacy senior services include:


Pharmacy Services

  1. MARS
  2. Medication Delivery
  3. Stat Box
  4. Emergency Box
  5. Medication Carts Provided
  6. Treatment Carts Provided
  7. Fax Machines Provided

Educational Programs

  1. On-Site Services
  2. Reference Books Provided

  3. Medical Charting

    1. Physician Orders
    2. Medical Administration Records

Consultant Services

  1. Monthly Drug Regimen Review
  2. Drug Destruction Assistance
  3. Available for QA Meetings
  4. Med Pass Observations
  5. Formulary Assistance
  6. Clinical Guidelines

Infusion Therapy

  1. Hydration, Antibiotic Pain Management, TPN
  2. IV Box / Stock Provided
  3. Maximum 3-Day Supply


Senior Discount Available

Open 24 Hours for Group Homes and Senior Living Communities


Absolutely Free Home Delivery


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