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Pediatric Compounding

Getting your child to take a medication can be a unique challenge for every parent. Many drugs taste terrible. Others are in tablets that are too large to swallow. Some aren’t even made for children. Our compounding pharmacy can reformulate and customize pediatric compounding drugs in the right form, strength, and flavor to make the medication palatable to your child.

Compounding oral prescription drugs into pleasantly flavored solutions will entice your child to take the medication. This improves compliance and reduces spillage during administration. Our Las Vegas compounding pharmacists can customize medications into a variety of kid-friendly forms like gummy bears with your child’s favorite flavor or lollipops that administer medications in the mouth for a prolonged period of time. Other alternatives might include a cream that can be rubbed into the skin so your child doesn’t have to swallow a medication he or she can’t keep down.


We provide pediatrics in Las Vegas and medications prescribed for children are often times available only in tablet or capsule form that can be difficult for your child to swallow. Providing pediatrics in Nevada, our compounding pharmacists can readily change the composition of the drug to a liquid or chewable form. Drug strengths for children frequently need to be scaled-down in order to provide the proper dose. But breaking a tablet into some fractional size is difficult, and can result in giving your child either too much or too little of the medicine. Our pharmacies in Las Vegas work together with doctors, children, and families in the Las Vegas area to customize medications for infants and children that are easy to take and ensure that your child gets the right dosage for their needs.

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