We can still feel young and vibrant even as we age through time. ACRx Specialty Pharmacy offers anti aging solutions to help you manage and slow down the aging process pertaining to your skin and body. One of our knowledgeable pharmacists would be able to guide you through the process.

As we begin to age through the years, we experience limitations and setbacks such as memory loss, decreased brain function, muscle loss, fat gain, loss of sexual desire and performance, osteoporosis and a lot of other conditions that are common in aging adults.

We can, however, begin to slow down the onset of these changes in our body through healthy eating, exercising, and participating in a physician-supervised anti-aging program.

ACRx Specialty Pharmacy works with your local physician in the Las Vegas area to promote “healthy aging”, which is we define as having healthier and fuller lives. We can help you get energized and raise energy levels through unique program and solutions tailored for you. Our age management solutions have helped many patients achieve a fuller life in their old age.

Our age management treatments and therapy can have a lasting impact on your life. Because one size does not fit all, ACRx Specialty Pharmacy works with your primary care provider to design an anti-aging program that fits your individual needs. There is no such thing as a one size fits all package, so we understand that customizing treatments for each patient is very important. Therefore, we only work on tailored anti-aging solutions to ensure our patients get the right care and service for their specific situation.

All medications we dispense at ACRx Specialty Pharmacy must be prescribed by a licensed physician. We work with your doctor to provide the right medication for your needs. ACRx Specialty Pharmacy also offers support and takes a consultative approach for both doctors and patients who are in our anti-aging program. What we do is promote ‘healthy aging’ over time to help our patients live longer and fuller lives.

It is easy to get started on an anti-aging program. Please contact one of our pharmacists so we can begin a consultative approach to your medical needs. We can be in touch with your primary care physician to understand your situation and medical history so we can provide the best solutions.

As a compounding pharmacy in the Las Vegas area, we are dedicated to helping our patients and physicians in the local area. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to give us a call today to learn more!