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Hormone Replacement Therapy for Men

Understanding Hormonal Changes in Men

Prevalence of Low Testosterone Levels: Approximately 30% of men aged 60-70 years and 70% of men aged 70-80 experience low levels of bioavailable testosterone. Hypogonadism, characterized by low serum testosterone levels, is associated with various symptoms such as diminished sex drive, erectile dysfunction, depression, anemia, reduced muscle mass, and osteoporosis.

Andropause and Testosterone Deficiency: When hypogonadism occurs in older men, it is often referred to as andropause or Androgen Deficiency of the Aging Male (ADAM). Andropause is marked by a decline in testosterone, a hormone in the androgen class. Bioavailable testosterone levels are notably lower in depressed men, and testosterone therapy may improve mood in older individuals with low bioavailable testosterone.

Osteoporosis and Hormonal Changes: Osteoporosis-related fractures affect 12% of men over 50, and the gradual loss of testosterone is a significant contributor. Testosterone therapy in older men has shown positive effects on bone health, increasing bone mineral density and improving physical performance.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT): TRT has proven effective in relieving symptoms of hypogonadism, enhancing the quality of life for many men. It is well-tolerated when monitored closely, with prostate or breast cancer being the only absolute contraindication. TRT should be used cautiously in individuals with heart, kidney, or liver issues and those with abnormal red blood cell counts.

Compounded Hormone Therapy: Compounded preparations of testosterone can be advantageous, allowing for precise dosing tailored to individual needs. Transdermal creams, gels, and lotions offer effective absorption, and compounded medications can limit exposure to loved ones and pets.

A Comprehensive Approach to Men's Health: Hormonal fluctuations associated with aging, known as Andropause, can result in various concerns such as prostate issues, low libido, hair loss, and more. A trusted compounding pharmacy like ACRx Specialty Compounding Pharmacy can address these concerns with individualized compounded hormone replacement therapy (HRT).

Signs and Symptoms to Watch For: Low energy, decreased muscle mass, low libido, increased body fat, mood changes, and sleep disturbances may indicate hormonal imbalances. Compounded HRT, prepared based on a physician's prescription, offers a tailored solution to address these changes.

Holistic Lifestyle Integration: A healthy lifestyle is integral to maintaining optimal hormone levels. Hormone replacement therapy is most effective when combined with regular exercise, proper nutrition, and appropriate supplement use.

Men can also experience hormonal fluctuations and decline associated with aging. This process is known as Andropause.

And since hormonal levels different for everyone, a trusted compounding pharmacy can help alleviate hormone problems for men as they age.

Compounded HRT may be beneficial for you because it can address these changes. With a prescription from your physician ACRX Specialty Pharmacy can make a specifically prepared compounded medication especially for you.

Libido Dysfunction

As aging happens and due to other reasons like stress, men can find themselves unable to be aroused or unable to maintain an erection. Our pharmacists can help with this through private consultation.