Compounded Eye Drops

It is not easy to deal with eye care in terms of using the right eye drops for specific problems. When patients are dealing with eye problems, there are times when we need to apply more than one type of medication in one dosage of eye drops, and it’s difficult to administer and take into mind the different medications required. This is especially true when it comes to applying eye drops to children who are often thrashing and moving around.

Luckily, a great compounding pharmacy can help with this issue. By compounding the dosage of medication needed, all the drugs needed can be combined into one easy type of applicable dose. Now, instead of dealing with a myriad of different dosages of medication, one is enough. Compounded eye drops allow stressed staff members, patients, and parents get relief. The compounded eye drops combine the necessary medicine into one.

When patients deal with complicated problems that require an ophthalmologist, ACRx Specialty Pharmacy in Las Vegas comes into play to help with these issues. We have flexible medicine solutions to help our patients with the most complicated eye problems and getting the right eye drops and dosage.

In addition, ACRx Specialty Pharmacy provides a host of other related medical help, including sterile solutions, ointments, suspensions and injections, and other types of drug therapy to aid eye care doctors in treating patients. This means your medical provider is free to explore different possibilities to aid patients in their eye care options.

Our experienced and knowledgeable staff can also provide consultative help with getting the right preservative-free eye drops so you can feel safe to use on your eyes. Some preservatives have been known to be toxic, and we can help find safe alternatives. Only the best pharmacies in the area have the ability to help with alternative eye care solutions.

Many ophthalmology medications require custom compounding. ACRX Specialty Pharmacy has a certified ISO Class 7 clean room for preparing sterile eye drops, such as:

  1. Vancomycin sterile drops – 25mg/ml and 50mg/ml
  2. Tobramycin (fortified) sterile drops – 13.6mg/ml
  3. Gentamicin (fortified) sterile drops – 13.6mg/ml
  4. Preservative-Free Eye Drops

Our professional and knowledgeable staff are always on hand to help answer any questions and provide consultation. We will work with your primary care provider to come up with the right solutions to help you with your eye problems.

Give us a call today or visit ACRx Specialty Pharmacy in Las Vegas for more information.